A Ni Dram - Greeting Card

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Greeting card, A6 size, with white envelope.

Subject: We are the drinks who say 'Ni'. We often taste nice with ice and a glug of tonic water or lemonade or fruit juice if one is particularly profligate, or, better yet, each other.

But now I'm distracted by trying work out which are acceptable options to combine the spirits in.
Gordon's* gin and Martini vermouth: I think this is fairly standard.
Smirnoff Vodka and Martini vermouth: Ditto.
Bacardi rum and Morgan's Spiced rum: A little odd.
Pimm's and Morgan's Spiced rum: I've not tried this as I'm not sure the flavours would blend, and I speak as someone who has seen Pimm's diluted with port**.

* Yes, I know Hendrick's tastes of cucumber and such, but I'm going to need you to buy a few more cards (and maybe a print or two) before I'll switch.
** If one considers the concentration of quinine then it is dilution.

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