About BDCThomas Photography

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Make your own kind of meaning
The photographs I select for greeting cards resonate upon traditional ideas of British life, travel and science; prints are boldly playful, occasionally nostalgic.

These pictures hold distillations of ideas and moments, their impact drawn from the experiences and relationships shared by sender and recipient. To enhance this cards are blank inside for your hand-written message.

Images gathered here are popular as cards and prints; a wider selection, available in these formats and for licensing, may be seen on Flickr.

If you have a question about ordering please check the help page.

A bad photograph of the photographer

About BDCThomas

Hello, I’m Ben, a photographer currently based in London.

My eye is drawn to the details, the tell-tails of nuance and complexity in the whole. I revel in exploring imperfections that create beauty, novelty or insight.

My favourite images bind together threads from my travels in Europe and Africa, my love of the sea, the layered workings of the natural world, and the form-bound functions of the built environment.

The Works

My work has been incorporated into print & online media and multimedia displays. I have contributed towards concert visuals; my photographs have enlivened pharmaceutical, environmental and architectural publications; and illustrated travel guides.

I can be commissioned for landscape, environment or other studies and themes based around your requirements. For details email me at ben@bdcthomas.com.

The Workings

1987 - Early experiments with Polaroid (parents, store your unused stock on top of the wardrobe, not at the bottom).
1991 - Hope, naivety and thinking “it might work” expand my collection of those corrective stickers from Boot’s.
1994 - Plunged into my first darkroom, to discover I had one very black, ragged-edged frame, and 35 clean, brown frames.
1998 - Now owner of a very manual SLR, continuing to explore the bounds of the possible, often from beyond.
2005 - Evening classes amplify knowledge and skills, adding a hypo addiction. Joined Flickr allowing work to be commercialised.
2006 - Having for years borrowed point-and-shoot digital cameras from anyone who stood too close, someone took the hint and gave me a Nikon D80.
2009 - A few loops of the picture numbering cycle later I upgraded to a Nikon D90.

During this I have destroyed cameras at Stonehenge, Portmeirion, and on the Holloway Road. Nikons are robust; I suspect knowing this is the problem.

I have failed to destroy cameras on live and extinct volcanoes, in dry rivers and by flooded lakes, within earthquake-crazed villages and on generally-crazed seas.


The Words

“Kind of quirky urbanesque”
“An eye for the odd”
"Finding the appearance of decreasing entropy in a world of increasing entropy"
“A bit weird”
“A keen… eye for beauty”
"Attractively dreary"
“Intense, dark and brooding; very sinister, worrying”

I’ll leave it up to you to work out which were used to describe me and which my photography.